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Celine Joudrier introduces herself


“Very thoroughly made, Lacella embroiders a special bond between the clients and their future Home”


Lacella is an international interior design studio based in The Hague which focuses mainly on residential projects. Our clients and buildings are the essence of the project which the design studio holds to the highest esteem. Each project is meticulously planned to the finest of details taking into consideration the needs and wishes of the client as well as the building’s historical traces of the past. Lacella firmly believes in collaboration between architects, engineers, craftsmen, artists, and vendors which only enriches the quality and experience we offer our clients. This fusion of specialty, cultures and traditions makes a house unique and personal. Lacella’s main passion and goal is to make a house a Home by creating sentiments and emotions through expertise. Lacella offer full design services from the initial ideas to the final touches. Every facet from bespoke furniture to the correlation between the space and light are crafted with the upmost care and special materials are carefully chosen to fit each and every project. What makes Lacella’s experience exclusive is finding the balance between timeless and elegant interiors as well as unique and highly functional spaces.


Celine Joudrier


Celine is a French interior Architect currently living in the Netherlands. After an international career in Education and a never quenching thirst for art and craft, Celine looked back at her family’s roots. From her early childhood she was surrounded by a family with a deep connection to art and craft, from her grandfather’s skills in masonry to her father’s exceptional talent in building and renovating homes, furniture and shelters, and her mother’s great passion in designing and sewing clothes using a variety of fabrics.


After earning a degree in Interior Architecture as well as studying various art and craft courses from the prestigious Ecole Boulle in Paris, she moved to the Netherlands where she graduated in Architectural design from the Rietveld Academy with a BNI nomination award for the most talented graduate. Her philosophy is to chisel the space like a haute couture dress to reveal the intimate universe of the client and his art of living.




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