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nieuws  24-05-2024 

Antionoma redefines the Fifth Wall



Antionoma, A state of the art project – designed by Carina Riezebos for Office by Kisch.


Every work environment can be like a stunning still painting by Salvador Dali, where time ticks slowly and the surroundings transform as human desires change. Change, innovation, and progress are the driving forces behind us as a 129-year-old family business, as well as behind designer Carina Riezebos’s design for Office by Kisch. It’s no secret that traditional office environments are being replaced by flexible and innovative workplace solutions. The workplace of the future is characterized by a combination of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, seamlessly integrating into our daily operations. Productivity from anywhere in the world you may find yourself. Co-working spaces, idea exchange, and creativity are boundless.


Antionoma is a space where a purple desktop, made from an innovative solid core material, can float through the space. The desktop features a decorative pattern created with modern CNC techniques and accommodates a mouth-blown crystal vase. The desktop can move from desk height to the ceiling, gradually transforming the space into a place to enjoy a colourful ceiling with a luxurious chandelier of light. The office space as a spiritual sanctuary.




Would you like to know more about Anatomia? Contact Natascha from our partner Kisch. You can find all contact information on our partner page.



NOOK All eyes on the fifth wall



In our latest magazine Nook Ceilings, we delve into the world of ceilings, from the breathtaking frescoes of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel to innovative contemporary designs. With attention to the historical significance and the modern shift towards functionality over aesthetics, we inspire readers to discover the hidden beauty of the ceiling, the ‘fifth wall’. Order a subscription or a single issue here.



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