Meet Junyuan Chen, nominee bni-prize 2015


In 2010 ontwierp een bekende Chinese architect een museum in Longshang in zuidwest China gewijd aan de lokale traditie van papier maken. Junyuan Chen was
nieuwsgierig naar de invloed van het ontwerp op de ontwikkeling van het agrarische gebied en ging er heen. Haar bevindingen nam ze als uitgangspunt voor haar afstudeerproject. Ze vertelt erover in het Engels.

“My name is Junyuan Chen. I’m from the southwest of China. I did the master interior architecture at INSIDE, royal academy of art, in The Hague. The most valuable lesson INSIDE has taught me is how to be a designer. First, be clear of your own position; second, interior design is not only about interior. It is also about understanding the whole situation. Getting into the context and making connections between different fields. Eventually, creating spacial strategies which concentrate on the usabilities of spaces and the relationships between spaces and users.

The BNI-prize nomination for me means the acceptance of more open and diverse definition of interior design. I hope this can be the starting point of the establishment of my personal position in this field.”