BNI is the Dutch Association of Interior Architects. The aim of BNI is to stimulate and enhance interior architecture in the broadest sense. BNI supports interior architects in their practice, and also offers advice to those looking for an interior architect.

Meet the Dutch
Whether it’s about renovating a kitchen or about redeveloping an old factory into a restaurant, it is all possible when working with an interior architect. Dutch interior architects place themselves in the user’s position. By doing this, they know exactly what needs to be done for users to be able to optimally experience a space. Being specialists of the interior, they do not only design, they also give advice, coordinate, plan and know what is technically attainable. To introduce people worldwide to Dutch interior architecture, the Dutch Association of Interior Architects (BNI) has published the English magazine 'Spot on Dutch Interior Architecture'.

This magazine features a visualisation of the qualities of Dutch Interior Architecture, based on four topical themes: sustainability, Activity Based Working, healthcare and redevelopment. These themes interlock and are inextricably bound with one another.

If you wish to receive our magazine 'Spot on Dutch Interior Architecture', please contact our office: secretariaat@bni.nl

Spot on Dutch Interior Architecture